Arctic Combat open beta begins this December

Upcoming military FPS shooter adopts free-to-play model; beta opening in North America and Europe.


Webzen has announced the North American and European open beta for the upcoming shooter Arctic Combat, known as Battle Territory (or Battery) in South Korea, will start on December 6.

Players can obtain the download client on Webzen's site to access the free-to-play game. The company has yet to announce on when the game will be fully released.

Arctic Combat features customizable weapons and skills, a trophy loot system, and in-game missions that allow players to gain extra experience points during a match. The game also contains modes like team deathmatch, free for all, and domination.

Webzen previously held its second closed beta session from October 10 to October 21. There is currently no word on whether the game will be released for the Southeast Asian regions. For more information, check out GameSpot's coverage on the shooter.

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