Ariana Grande’s ‘Baby I’ Video: Princess Phones, ‘Blossom’-Inspired Outfits, + Mariah Carey EVERYTHING

Watch Ariana Grande's "Baby I" video.

Ariana Grande IS the early ’90s in her new “Baby I” video.

Everyone’s saying it, and we’re just gonna keep on saying it: Ariana Grande IS Mariah Carey (but the jury’s still out as to how Mimi feels about this). And it’s not just because she can hit crazy high octaves and has long, flowing hair à la Mariah’s “Honey” video — Ariana’s entire vibe fits perfectly into the early ’90s pop/R&B scene without sounding cheesy or overly rehearsed. It’s nu-Mariah Carey!

Now, after releasing an oh-so-short snippet of her “Baby I” video, Ariana has finally released the full video, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’re not watching a music video. OH NO, we’ve actually jumped in a time machine back to the year(s) ’90-’93, aka a land where people still video tape “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,” wear slap bracelets, quote “Clarissa Explains It All,” and CALL PEOPLE ON PRINCESS PHONES.

Watch Ariana Grande’s “Baby I” video after the jump.

Taken from Ariana’s just-released Yours Truly album, “Baby I”‘s video features the “Piano” singer singing, dancing, and hair-flipping her way through the best block party you weren’t invited to this summer. But don’t feel bad — we can’t all fit in that time machine with Ariana, small as she is.

As for her mission to out-’90s even the most nostalgia-ridden thrift shopper, Ariana’s a fantastic sport: She’s step dancing, rocking approximately 10,000 “Blossom”-meets-Mariah outfits (minus the flower hat, booooo, but yaaaaay for that white crop top! Mariah loves crop tops!), riding in cars (er, buses) with boys, chatting on her princess phone, and just generally looking more like a Disney princess than ever. Except a Disney princess circa 1991. (*Mad scientist shrieks* ARIANA IS BELLE. WE KNEW IT.)

+ Watch Ariana Grande’s “Baby I” video.

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