Armie Hammer’s ‘Mirror Mirror’ Prince Is ‘A Man-Child’

'Hopefully, he contains a few more dimensions than just 'Prince Charming,' ' actor tells MTV News.
By Kara Warner

Armie Hammer
Photo: MTV News

If you've seen the action-packed trailer for "Mirror Mirror" — one of two Snow White-themed movies coming out this year — you're aware that the visually appealing, Tarsem-directed, family-friendly film is a new spin on the classic tale.

When the flick hits theaters Friday, audiences will see a feisty, independent young princess played by Lily Collins, Oscar-winner Julia Roberts showing off a rarely seen evil side and, of course, a handsome Prince Charming played by Armie Hammer. But don't think for a minute that you'll be seeing a stereotypical prince. MTV News recently caught up with the "Social Network" star to discuss the character's atypical traits.

"He's not drawn on the page, which is one of the first things that makes him slightly different," Hammer joked about the character's animated inspirations. "He's a little bit more of a man-child and a little bit more of a kid trying to find his place in the world as a prince, [wondering] why is he a prince and stuff like that. Hopefully, he contains a few more dimensions than just 'Prince Charming.' "

Multi-dimensional or not, there is a certain dreamboat factor required of the actor playing him, which Hammer was happy to joke about when we asked him just how dreamy the character would be. "How dreamy is he? Dreeea-my," Hammer promised us in May 2011. "Let's just say, they're going to have to change the rating," he joked, before getting serious to talk about the reason he signed onto the project: director Tarsem Singh.

"[Tarsem] is one of the reasons I signed on to do this," Hammer revealed. "The idea of playing Prince Charming wasn't really exciting — it kind of sounds more nerdy than anything else — but then they're like, 'Tarsem's doing it,' and I'm like, 'Done. You want me to play a trash can? I'll do it to be in this movie.' " Hammer added that he's a big admirer of Tarsem's work, and joked that he'd be taking plenty of notes during filming.

Check out everything we've got on "Mirror Mirror."

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