Ask DC Collectibles: November 2012

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday DC Collectibles posted a short Q&A for November on their official blog:

A little over a year ago, DC made comic book history when we rebooted our entire line of monthly comics, starting each series over from issue #1. There were 52 comics included in the reboot, and as you all know, we called it DC COMICS – THE NEW 52. It was only a matter of time until DC Collectibles got in on the action, and this past spring we launched our DC Comics – The New 52 line with our well received Batman action figure, which we based on Jim Lee’s design. Aquaman and Green Lantern soon followed, along with the line’s first bust—Cyborg.The massive Darkseid Deluxe is one bad piece of plastic.There have been more action figures, busts and statues since then, but this month is really a high point for DC Comics – The New 52 collectibles. We recently released the massive Darkseid Deluxe Action Figure, which looks like it’s big enough to babysit your little sister (though, please don’t let him babysit your sister—it’s Darkseid, for cryin’ out loud). And just in time for the holidays, we’ve released the We Can Be Heroes Justice League 7-Pack, a box set that includes the entire set of Justice League action figures. Even better, 10% of the purchase price goes directly to We Can Be Heroes, so in collecting your favorite team of heroes, you can become something of one yourself.The We Can Be Heroes Justice League 7-pack is a good set…for a GREAT cause.


To celebrate these great new figures, we thought we’d devote this month’s edition of Ask DC Collectibles to our DC Comics – The New 52 line. Last week, we asked for questions about the line on the DC Collectibles Facebook page, and you responded…with a lot of requests for figures. We certainly appreciate your fandom, and believe us, we’d love to get to all of the characters out there, but as a rule, we try to avoid answering those kinds of questions in this column. But since that’s what you responded with, we’ll give it our best shot…


The answer to 26 of the questions you asked is… “Yes! Already in progress or on the schedule by the end of 2014!”


The answer to 28 of the questions you asked is… “Nope. L”


And the answer to 19 of the questions you asked is… “Great snakes! That’s a really good idea…Maybe!”


Okay, okay, we know that those weren’t the sort of answers you were looking for, but we don’t want to reveal anything too far in advance and definitely not before we have the opportunity to do it at a convention, a toy fair or as a Spoiler Alert here on Obviously, we get more attention that way, but it’s also a lot more fun. We love hearing the reaction to a new statue or figure (or reading your reaction in the comments here on the site). You guys are all very funny and have interesting things to say. We want to engage as many of you as possible, and over the years that we’ve been doing this, we’ve found those are the best ways to do that.


Our goal for Ask DC Collectibles is to answer general questions about our products and to make your voices heard while not spoiling any big reveals. And now to continue…


Will there be more storyline-based figures (such as for Court of Owls, Death of the Family or Rise of the Third Army)?


There have been some amazing storylines recently and we definitely want to celebrate them. We don’t necessarily have plans to brand the offerings as a specific storyline set, but we will certainly be exploring characters that come from those high profile and engaging story arcs.


Of course, you can always leave your Justice League action figures out in your backyard all winter long until they morph into your own original Rotworld variants…though we don’t recommend that.


We think our upcoming Supergirl is worth building an epic storyline around!


What about Arkham City Series 5? Any hints on who might be included?


Okay, this isn’t really a DC Comics – The New 52 question, but we wanted to answer at least one more of your questions, even if it’s technically off-topic. Besides, it’s Arkham City! Arkham City is kinda like the exception to the on-topic rule. We’re willing to answer Arkham City collectibles questions just about any time. Except for maybe in the middle of the night, when we’re at home and in bed, because that would just be creepy.

But anyhow, right now we don’t have an Arkham City Series 5 planned, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with Arkham. We have a lot of interesting things planned for the 6-inch line as well as our new statue line. Stay tuned.


That’s it for this month! Yes, we know it’s a shorter installment than in the past, but hey, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. You have family coming over. You may want to clean up the place a little bit. And maybe put that awesome Catwoman statue of yours somewhere front and center. We can’t promise your family and friends will be impressed with your turkey, but we know you can wow them with your DC collection.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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