Baldur’s Gate III a ‘long-term goal’ – Overhaul dev

Studio chief operating offer says he wants to make third core entry in role-playing game series, Kickstarter funding "makes so much sense."

The studio behind the upcoming enhanced editions of Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II wants to build Baldur's Gate III. But many events have to happen before the project sees the light of day, Overhaul Games has revealed to GameSpy.

"Baldur's Gate III has been our long-term goal," Overhaul Games chief operating officer Cameron Tofer said. "We have a lot of things to put in place before such a project can be launched. So currently there is no such project but that's the one we want to do. Our thoughts have been that Enhanced Edition for [Baldur's Gate] and [Baldur's Gate II] just make sense before there's any Baldur's Gate III."

As for how Tofer hopes to get Baldur's Gate III off the ground, he said using fan-funding service Kickstarter would be an effective course of action.

"We're totally thinking Kickstarter," he said. "It just makes so much sense and solves so many problems. I think what Brian [Fargo] is doing with Wasteland is very interesting."

The Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for Wasteland 2 reached its goal of $900,000 in just two days, and as of press time, it stands at over $1.37 million. That game is scheduled to arrive in October 2013.

The most high-profile Kickstarter game fund was Double Fine's campaign for its Double Fine Adventure game. In a record eight hours, the studio reached its $400,000 goal, ending last week at $3.3 million.

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