Bam Margera ‘Punks’ Tyler, The Creator! (VIDEO)

Tyler, The Creator gets 'Punk'd' by Bam Margera!

I know Bam Margera is a total badass and everything, but I'd be mad scared to Punk Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator. I mean, do you remember that whole green ski mask phase?  Just sayin'.

In an upcoming episode of "Punk'd," Bam decides to freak Tyler out by blowing up a food truck. (Naturally, Bam gravitates towards dangerous pyrotechnics.) Here's what goes down: Tyler, Bam and a bunch of their pals congregate near a food truck presumably to have a delicious snack. Suddenly someone is overheard asking, "You didn't turn on the gas?" at which point the entire effing truck explodes, lighting a real, live, functioning human on fire! And we're not talking a small electrical fire -- we're talking full-on "Mission Impossible 3."

As the truck continues to blaze, another loud noise freaks Tyler out so much that he literally sprints to his truck and jumps into the open back, Olympic gymnast style! So, who's the scary rapper now, huh, Tyler? Your ass got Punk'd! Also, LOLLLLL.

+ Watch a preview of Tyler, The Creator on "Punk'd" below and catch the premiere episode of "Punk'd," March 29, at 10 p.m. ET on MTV!

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