Batman: Arkham City adding Harley Quinn DLC – Report

Leaked trophy listing points to forthcoming add-on content focusing on Joker sidekick, including Robin as playable character.


Downloadable content surrounding the nefarious Harley Quinn is headed to Batman: Arkham City, according to an updated trophy listing from

The site lists 10 new Harley Quinn DLC trophies for last year's Caped Crusader entry that appear to be for story-driven content, as opposed to simply additional challenge rooms. Some of the challenges task players with defusing bombs, finding a way into a secret base, and zip-kicking thugs.

Additionally, one of the trophies unlocks after players use five different quickfire gadgets as Robin, pointing to the Boy Wonder being a playable character in the content.

Previously released Arkham City add-on content includes the Catwoman Bundle Pack, the Robin Bundle Pack, the Nightwing Bundle Pack, and the Challenge Map Pack.

Batman: Arkham City was developed by Rocksteady Studios and shipped for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 18, with a PC version following on November 22. The game received a strong critical reception and shipped 6 million units.

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