Battlefield 3 producer says blocking used games can be beneficial – Report

DICE developer Patrick Bach tells CVG that blocking used games on next-gen consoles is both a win and a loss; says a lot of game companies lose out on secondhand sales.


Battlefield 3 executive producer Patrick Bach has told CVG that blocking used games on next-generation consoles can be "a win and a loss."

The DICE developer weighed in on the rumours concerning Microsoft and Sony implementing anti-used-game measures in their respective future-generation consoles.

Bach said the measures would be a loss only if it meant consumers would find themselves with fewer games for the same amount of money.

"But in theory, you could see it the other way, because a lot of companies making games today are struggling based on secondhand sales," Bach said. "So on the positive side, you could see more games being created because of this, and also more new IPs, because there'd be a bigger market for games that don't have, for instance, multiplayer. There could be awesome single-player-only games, which you can't really do these days because people just pirate them, which is sad."

"From a gamer perspective, if you want to buy as many games as possible, then this could be a problem. But if you want more diverse games, then it's a more positive thing than negative. The only thing I know is that people are not doing it to be evil and stupid; it's about trying to create some benefits for consumers."

Despite news that next-generation consoles are not expected until at least next year, several developers have already expressed their opinions on the idea of blocking used games.

Crytek director of creative development Rasmus Hojengaard recently backtracked from a statement in which he had remarked that from a business perspective, next-gen consoles that would not allow consumers to play used games would be "absolutely awesome."

Other developers who have spoken out against used sales recently include ex-THQ executive Richard Browne, Elite creator David Braben, Volition design director Jameson Durall, and Silicon Knights founder Denis Dyack.

However, not all voices in the industry are against used games. Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch said in February that blocking used games is unfair, while Witcher developer CD Projekt Red managing director Adam Badowski took a populist stance with his statement on the issue.

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