Battlefield 3 unlock everything DLC costs $40

Ultimate Shortcut Bundle for EA DICE shooter unlocks all weapons, gadgets, and vehicle upgrades without having to actually play the game.


Battlefield 3 players who feel that the game's unlockables take a little too long to earn can now fast-forward the process for a price. Now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Ultimate Shortcut Bundle costs gamers 3,200 Microsoft points ($40) and gives players instant access to all of the game's progression-based unlockables.

The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle includes all vehicle upgrades, all class-unique weapons and gadgets, and all co-op weapons, giving players a total of 119 upgrades. Normally, those perks would need to be earned by playing as the different classes, using vehicles, and completing the game's co-op campaign mode.

For those who want only some of the unlockables, EA has broken them out into their own packs, including the Kit Shortcut Bundle (all class unlocks) for 2,000 Microsoft points ($25), the Vehicle Shortcut Bundle for 1,440 Microsoft points ($18), and the Co-op Weapons Shortcut for 400 Microsoft points ($5). Getting even more granular, individual class unlocks are available for 560 Microsoft points ($7) each, while the Air Vehicle and Ground Vehicle Shortcuts are 800 Microsoft points ($10) each.

Battlefield 3 launched last October and went on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's review.

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