Battlefield 4 to be shown off by EA in the next three months

EA will soon show off the next Battlefield, and says it is actively developing for next-gen consoles.


EA has teased that it will show off Battlefield 4 within "about 90 days" alongside signalling that it's actively developing its main franchises for the next generation of consoles.

During EA's Q3 financial call last night, EA game label president Frank Gibeau mentioned Battlefield 4 as a response to questions about how the publisher intends to avoid another instance of last year's disappointing Medal of Honor: Warfighter. "We have a Battlefield title coming next year," he said, "but we're not in a position right now to talk about our development plans and our SKU plan long term."

"That will come in about 90 days when we get to show you some Battlefield stuff," added Gibeau, hinting that Battlefield 4 could be unveiled around April.

EA's next financial year runs from April 2013 to March 2014, so it's most likely that Battlefield 4 would see a release in the same October timeframe that Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor previously occupied.

Battlefield 3 and the Frostbite 2.0 engine were publicly unveiled during the Game Developers Conference in March 2011.

Later in the earnings call, EA CEO John Riccitiello suggested that it was already working on next-gen installments for Battlefield and FIFA. "We're also investing Gen4 console technologies and content," he said. "We've signaled that we're working on the next editions of our two biggest franchises in Battlefield and FIFA."

"We look forward to discussing these programs and many others with you when we provide our fiscal 14 guidance in May," added Riccitello.

EA has already announced that owners of Medal of Honor: Warfighter will get early access to the Battlefield 4 beta.

Elsewhere in EA's earnings call was the news that the Medal of Honor franchise has been effectively retired and that Insomniac's upcoming co-op shooter Fuse has been delayed.

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