Battlefield dev working on new IP

[UPDATE] Ex-DICE employee tells GameSpot he had made a typo in his dates, and "That 'New IP' was for [Battlefield 3] before it was announced."


Battlefield and Mirror's Edge studio DICE are working on an all-new intellectual property, according to a former employee's LinkedIn page.

The ex-staffer's resume indicates that he worked on the mystery project's story, script, and voice-over components. DICE has been working on the project since at least November 2010.

Further information is not available, and as of press time, neither DICE nor EA had responded to GameSpot's requests for comment.

Outside of a trio of new Battlefield 3 downloadable content packs, DICE has no new announced projects. The studio previously said it has not abandoned the Mirror's Edge franchise, and EA president Frank Gibeau last year said, "There is going to be a Battlefield 4." Additionally, new job listings at the shop indicate the studio is eyeing next-generation technologies.

[UPDATE]: After the publication of this story, the ex-DICE employee in question reached out to GameSpot to say he had made a typo in his dates, and "That 'New IP' was for [Battlefield 3] before it was announced."

For more on DICE's most recent project, check out GameSpot's latest preview of Battlefield 3's upcoming Close Quarters expansion.

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