Beyonce Is An ACTUAL Queen In Her ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ Promo Photo (PHOTO)

Please don't act like you're the least bit shocked by Beyoncé's bejeweled scepter.

It's officially the week of Beyoncé, which means YOU'RE NEVER GONNA FEEL AS HAPPY AS YOU DO RIGHT NOW. In case you're still in shock from last night's Super Bowl, then we'll try to catch you up: Beyoncé unofficially knocked the Superdome's lights out with her explosive Halftime Show performance, got a HUGE postshow hug from Jay-Z, and werqued her "Bootylicious" rump onstage with the best all-girl group of our time, Destiny's Child! And now, as if you needed another reason to refer to her as "YOUR HIGHNESS," Beyoncé is portraying an actual queen in the promo shot for her newly announced "Mrs. Carter Show" world tour.

Read more about Beyoncé's "Mrs. Carter Show" after the jump.

The "Mrs. Carter Show" marks the Queen's first multicity tour in more than three years, and (in case the over-the-top bejeweled scepter didn't give it away) it's gonna be THE BEST. (And get a load of that fur-lined throne in the background!) The "Mrs. Carter Show" will kick off on April 15 with stops in 20 European cities, followed by the North American leg of the tour which commences on June 28 in Los Angeles. We have a powerful feeling that tickets are gonna sell out fast, but we suggest you do everything you possibly can to catch Queen Beyoncé on tour. Because when Beyoncé wears a crown and poses with a scepter, you show up -- no questions asked.


Photo credit: Columbia Records

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