Beyoncé (And Her Bangs) Reminds Us How Sexy It Is To Rock The Vote (PHOTO)

Beyoncé rocks the vote...and her new bangs!

In case you were wondering what Beyoncé looks like while voting, here is a photo of her looking ABSOLUTELY STUNNING filling out her ballot. Her new bangs, manicure, and perfected smize totally scream "Voting is SO sexy. And you can be sexy just like me if you vote!" As a very devoted Beyoncé fan, I approve this message.

Posting the photo to her website, the "I Was Here" singer proved that she has (very stylishly) fulfilled her civic duty. Not that we would expect anything less -- for the last few months, Beyoncé has been extremely active in supporting her president of choice: Mr. Barack Obama. She and Jay-Z threw an epic fund-raiser for the president that raised $4 million for his campaign! She was snapped rocking some serious Obama bling, and just recently Bey wrote a tear-inducing letter to the commander in chief showing her admiration and support for the man in charge of running our country.

We're just putting it out there, but with all this avid devotion and experience in politics, maybe Bey should get herself a spot in the White House! Can everyone just take a second to imagine a strong, powerful woman in office that can also vocally dominate the national anthem? BEYONCÉ FOR PRESIDENT, 2020!

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