Beyonce Chills With No Makeup On (PHOTO)

Beyoncé ponders the next way she'll dominate the world.

We can only begin to wonder what Beyoncé's thinking about in this pensive photo she recently shared on her Tumblr. Perhaps she's debating where to brunch with Michelle Obama now that the two are total BFFs. Or maybe she's channeling what it feels like to play actual royalty since she scored the part of Queen Tara in the forthcoming animated 3-D film "Epic." Not only is she dominating the read world, but also virtual ones. FTW.

While the "Run The World (Girls)" singer's probably still on a high after successfully tearing up her Atlantic City concerts this past weekend, she takes no time to gloat -- she gets back to business planning her next move (and shares gorg photos of herself while doing so). Just in case you were wondering if Beyoncé was only flawless-looking when she sports showgirl costumes, here's proof that girl's equally stunning while, as Drake would say, chillin' with no makeup on. If you can find one thing wrong this woman, we'll give you a million-bazillion dollars.

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