Beyonce Confirmed She Sang To A Track At The Inauguration, Then Sang The National Anthem Live At A Press Conference! BURN NOTICE!

Beyonce performed the national anthem live at a Super Bowl Media Week press conference and slayed it!

Haters to the left! Beyoncé is familiar with sending you there (to the left, to the left).

We already knew that Beyoncé was the most graceful and flawless woman ever to float about the Earth (because only mere mortals walk the Earth, and Beyoncé's not human). And we knew Beyoncé is the absolute BAWSE. But after watching her Super Bowl Media Week press conference, we finally have resolute empirical evidence after she b****-slapped ALL media by singing the national anthem LIVE.

Here we were thinking that Bey would take questions about her upcoming halftime show performance, talk about how rehearsals were going, and address whether or not Destiny's Child will actually reunite on stage. But Beyoncé figuratively held out a finger to say, "Hush child, while I blow thee away with my virtuoso voice," and sang the national anthem. Unassisted. Raw. If ANYONE else has questions about Bey's ability to perform after watching this clip, we would LOVE to hear them.

Watch Beyoncé perform the national anthem live at Super Bowl Media Week after the jump.

Directly and brilliantly addressing the non-controversy around "lip synch-gate," Beyoncé walked straight to the press conference podium, asked everyone to please rise (everyone should rise in Beyoncé's presence, but that's neither here nor there) and proceeded to let off the most EARTH-SHATTERING performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" this world has ever seen. Once finished, a reporter straight-up asked Beyoncé about the lip-synching situation at the presidential inauguration, to which she admitted that she didn't have time to rehearse with the band that day, so she chose to sing along with a prerecorded track -- the operative phrase there being "sing along with," which is not the same as "lip synching." Then, just in case there was any confusion, B set the record straight that she "absolutely would be singing live" at the Super Bowl, saying, "This is what I was born to do." Uh, wow. We believe you, Bey. And you have video evidence on your side, so HATERS to the left, to the left!

+ Watch Beyoncé sing the national anthem live at the Super Bowl Media Week press conference.

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