Beyonce MIGHT Be Pregnant! Emphasis on ‘MIGHT’

Beyonce is rumored to be pregnant with a new baby!

Happy Friday! Beyonce MIGHT be pregnant again!

We've been hearing a billion Beyoncé-themed "is she or isn't she" rumors lately, and hey, it looks like those rumors are starting to grow... into the shape of a baby bump! We know, that's a strong statement about our favorite "Independent Woman," but bear with us. According to E! News, "sources" have confirmed the existence of a brand-new Beyoncé baby. Uh, we don't want to get too excited here (especially since Beyoncé and her hubs Jay-Z haven't said a thing about it, other than cryptic statements like "I think my daughter needs some company"), but OMG X100000!! TELL US IT'S TRUE. JUST WHISPER IT, BEY. WE WON'T TELL. WE'RE VERY GOOD AT SECRETS.

Read more about Beyoncé's possible second pregnancy after the jump.

To recap, the internet's been pulling for a second Carter child probably ever since Beyoncé pushed Baby Blue Ivy out of her womb last year (and if she is pregnant, then oof, wow, we are BOWING DOWN to her lady parts), but the rumor mill got REALLY went up in flames when Bey recently hit the 2013 MET Gala in a strategically belted ballgown.

Then, earlier this week, Beyoncé's pregnant pause grew even bigger when she was forced to cancel her "Mrs. Carter Show" tour date in Antwerp, Belgium "on doctor's orders." And yeah, OK, they SAID Beyoncé was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion, AND yes, she apologized to fans in a handwritten note, AND she's already resumed her tour (NOTHING gets that girl down), but COME ON! We're no fools! Everyone knows "exhaustion" = "pregnant"! Maybe? Probably. Hopefully. Please? *Cries*

+ Relive Beyonce's iconic "I'm pregnant!" belly rub moment at the 2011 MTV VMAs.

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