Beyonce Reveals Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Her Personal Life On Tumblr, We Die (PHOTOS)

We didn't think it was possible to like Beyonce more than we already do, but girl's done it again. The "Love On Top" singer recently joined Tumblr (!!!), and she uploaded a whole bunch of what look to be private photos of her personal life with family and friends. Um, we are beyond swooning at this point. What is the next level of swooning? Fainting? I think I'm fainting. I'm fainting as I type this.

Beyonce's Tumblr seems to be filled with a lot of vacation photos, but somehow looking at Beyonce and Jay-Z on a tropical getaway is just a bit more exhilarating than looking through your Aunt Mary's photos of her trip to St. John. (No offense, Aunt Mary.) We see Bey and Jay having fun in the sun, going in on some PDA and just generally looking flawless behind an HD lens. It's totally unfair and makes us super jealous, but we should be thanking Beyonce -- now we've got a ton of new Pinterest photos! Add them to your "My Dream Life" or "Who Do I Have To Sell My Soul To So I Can Live Like This?" boards!

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