Big in Japan March 26-April 1: Kingdom Hearts 3D

Square Enix's 3DS RPG brings home gold for recent sales update; 3DS sales spike.


While the tail end of the week of March 26 was capped off by April Fools' Day, the only company that was laughing its way to the bank was Square Enix. The company released the latest iteration of the popular Kingdom Hearts franchise on May 29 and, as a result, placed first on the recent Media Create sales update.

The Square Enix RPG sold 213,579 on its debut week. The latest Kingdom Hearts game pits players in the shoes of Sora and Riku; gamers switch between protagonists depending on the amount left on the in-game Drop gauge. The game also features the return of the Command Deck system last seen in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. In addition, players can use the Circle Pad Pro attachment to control the in-game camera. For more information, check out GameSpot's recent news on the title.

Just below Kingdom Hearts 3D are two iterations of Pro Baseball Spirits 2012. The PS3 version sold 90,433 units, while the PSP version sold 60,141 units. The latest in the long-running baseball simulation series features redesigned graphics and a new commentator.

Kid Icarus: Uprising was still staying strong in the charts. The 3DS action title was at fourth place with 47,179 units. For more on the title, check out GameSpot's review. The lone DS title on the charts, Pokemon: Conquest (formerly Pokemon: Nobunaga's Ambition), was at fifth place with 30,535 units sold. The sole new Vita title, New Little King Story, did not even make it to the top 10 on the list. The port of the Wii title was at 19th place with 7,141 units sold.

On the hardware side of things, the 3DS saw a surge in sales due to the influence of the new Kingdom Hearts title. Nintendo's portable stayed on top with 121,921 units sold, while Sony's other devices were trailing behind. The PS3 sold 23,771 units, while the PSP sold 18,356 units. The PS Vita sales number went up from 10,302 units on the last update to 12,105 units.


Rank/Title/Publisher/Platform/Unit sales
1. Kingdom Hearts 3D / Square Enix / 3DS / 213,579
2. Pro Baseball Spirits 2012 / Konami / PS3 / 90,433
3. Pro Baseball Spirits 2012 / Konami / PSP / 60,141
4. Kid Icarus: Uprising / Nintendo / 3DS / 47,179
5. Pokemon: Conquest / Nintendo, Pokemon Company/ DS / 30,535
6. Yakuza: Blank Panther 2 / Sega / PSP / 26,655
7. Super Mario 3D Land / Nintendo / 3DS / 24,936
8. Monster Hunter 3G / Capcom / 3DS / 21,288
9. Mario Kart 7 / Nintendo / 3DS / 19,653
10. Idolmaster Anime & G4U! Pack Vol. 6 / Namco Bandai / PSP / 17,759

3DS - 121,921
PS3 - 23,771
PSP - 18,356
PS Vita - 12,105
Wii - 9,292
PS2 - 1,374
Xbox 360 - 1,317
DSi XL - 941
DSi - 771

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