Big in Japan May 7-13: Mario Party 9, Starhawk

Mario Party is at the top spot, while a new PS3 multiplayer title takes fourth; PS Vita slides down to four-digit sales numbers.


After the Golden Week period, sales in Japan were expected to take a slow turn. This was evident with this week's recent Media Create update for the week of May 7 to May 13. Regardless, Mario Party 9 was still the top-selling game for the week. The Wii title's numbers went down from 152,883 to 37,353.

The PS3 version of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City also went down in sales. The third-person shooter's sales numbers went from 252,525 to 14,553 units, and it was at third place.

Speaking of Sony's console, the multiplayer action game Starhawk was the only new title that made its debut in Japan. Sony's PS3 title was at fourth place, with 12,873 units sold. The game was praised for its diverse combat, visuals, and cooperative play; check out GameSpot's review for more information on the title.

Other than that, portable games ruled the top 10 roost for the week. Fire Emblem: Kakusei stood strong at second place, with 16,530 units sold, while Super Mario 3D Land was holding the middle ground, with 11,260 units sold. Capping off the list was the sole PSP entry, Conception: Please Have My Children! The game sold 4,600 copies.

On the hardware side of things, the 3DS numbers went down from 91,868 to 46,425 units, while the Wii went from 15,789 to 6,073 units. The PS Vita went down from 10,583 to a staggering 6,340 units.

Top Japan game sales May 7 to May 13

Rank/Title/Publisher/Platform/Unit sales
1. Mario Party 9/Nintendo/Wii/37,353
2. Fire Emblem: Kakusei/Nintendo/3DS/16,530
3. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City/Capcom/PS3/14,553
4. Starhawk/Sony/PS3/12,873
5. Super Mario 3D Land/Nintendo/3DS/11,260
6. Monster Hunter 3G/Capcom/3DS/9,105
7. Mario Kart 7/Nintendo/3DS/9,045
8. Kid Icarus: Uprising/Nintendo/3DS/7,636
9. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games/Nintendo/3DS/4,933
10. Conception: Please Have My Children!/Spike Chunsoft/PSP/4,600

3DS - 46,425
PS3 - 12,996
PSP - 12,247
PS Vita - 6340
Wii - 6073
PS2 - 1212
Xbox 360 - 1023
DSi XL - 819
DSi - 387

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