BioWare fans continue Mass Effect 3 protest with cupcakes

Players raise $1,000 to send 400 cupcakes with message asking developer to add more sweetness to the game's controversial ending.


BioWare has said it will address complaints with the ending of Mass Effect 3, but the Retake Mass Effect fan movement continues unabated. Members of the developer's forums organized a successful ChipIn fund to raise more than $1,000 to deliver 400 cupcakes to BioWare's Edmonton offices.

According to the fund's official page, 96 people pooled their money to have Edmonton-based bakery Fuss Cupcakes deliver the treats to BioWare. A worker at Fuss confirmed for GameSpot that the order was placed and the cupcakes were set for delivery today. The organizers explained the reasoning behind the cupcake bombardment on the ChipIn page:

"As fans, we want Bioware to do right by us, and fix the endings for Mass Effect 3. But we also want to let Bioware know, that we trust them, and have faith in them. Bioware has been slammed by negativity from all sides in the last few weeks. This is our way, as fans, to drive our message home, but in a (literally) sweet way. We want Bioware to add some more 'sweet' to their 'bittersweet' ending. What better way to do this than with CUPCAKES :-D."

After the March 6 launch of Mass Effect 3, fans upset with the trilogy's ending began petitioning developer BioWare to create an alternate ending to tie up loose ends, better incorporate player decisions made throughout the series, and provide more closure to the story. Last week, BioWare said it is working on "game content initiatives" to answer lingering questions and provide fans with more closure. Specifics about those initiatives are expected next month.

A previous ChipIn fund for the Retake Mass Effect cause was shut down after organizers of the Child's Play charity (the group for whom the money was being collected) had misgivings about people using it as a way to garner attention for their own cause. Before being shut down, that fund raised more than $80,000 to benefit children's hospitals around the world.

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