Blizzard undecided on Diablo III for consoles

Blizzard project director says developer not working on dungeon crawler for consoles; PC game has been in "polish mode" for two years.


Blizzard is not presently working on a console version of the much-anticipated dungeon crawler Diablo III, game director Jay Wilson told Gamasutra in an interview published today.

"We haven't officially announced it, because we're not 'experimenting,'" he said. "We tell people that basically we're experimenting, because it helps us hire people. The better people we hire, the better chance we have to actually make it."

"That's why we haven't kept it super secret, but we also haven't confirmed it, because we're not sure yet whether we think it will work, and whether we think we have the resources to do it."

There has been considerable confusion regarding a console version of Diablo III. The Irvine, California-based company has been hiring for the project since 2010, but no details about the game have come to light.

Elsewhere in the interview, Wilson revealed that Diablo III--due to be released tomorrow on PC and Mac--has been in "polish mode" for two years.

"I mean, there's certainly more content being built during that time. It's not like the game was 100 percent done for two years, and then we just polished it," he clarified. "But I would definitely say that that's the time period that we spent where there was a good contingent of the team that was focusing on polish."

Diablo III is the first title in the series since 2001's Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion and will add a variety of new features, character classes, and a new auction house system, which will charge gamers a range of fees. It will launch without player-vs.-player multiplayer and has set preorder records at Blizzard and Amazon. For more on Diablo III, check out GameSpot's latest preview.

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