Brandi Cyrus And Her Mom Tish Dress Up Together For Halloween! (PHOTO)

Brandi Cyrus and her mom Tish Cyrus take Halloween VERY seriously. (As they should!)

We already knew that Miley Cyrus was super close to her mom Tish (remember when they mother-daughter cuddled on the couch, and we were all like "awww"?), but now we can confirm that Miley's sis Brandi (and Frank + Derol member!) is super tight with her mom too! And by the way, can we just reiterate that Tish is a total babe? Is that a weird thing to say? Actually we don't care, saying it anyway. Maybe in some circles it would be considered weird to go out with your mom on Halloween, but then again, we guess most moms don't look like Tish Cyrus.

Check out more photos of Brandi Cyrus and Tish after the jump!

Brandi and her mom Tish were snapped in full Halloween regalia while en route to a party at the Roosevelt Hotel. As you can see by Brandi's impeccable face paint job, she's a day of the dead skeleton while Mama Tish slayed the costume game looking like Joan Jett. Congrats, Cyruses! You've made our DIY, make-your-own-crappy-ghost-costume-out-of-a-sheet situation look way super inferior.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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