‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ Trailer: Five Key Scenes

MTV News breaks down the best moments from the latest tease from the last chapter of 'The Twilight Saga.'
By Jocelyn Vena

Kristen Stewart in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2"
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The trailer for the last film in the "Twilight Saga," "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" is here, and while it's short, the teases are also very, very sweet.

Fans went nuts last week at the opening of "The Hunger Games," where they got their first look of Vampire Bella. Directed by Bill Condon, the film focuses on Bella's transformation while she and the Cullen clan fend off opposing vampire forces and protect their daughter, Renesmee. While none of that action made this teaser, we did get a good look at the new Bella. In honor of that scrumptious reveal, here are our five favorite moments.

The Red-Eye Reveal
One of the key characteristics of vampires are those blood-red eyes, and Bella's steal the show when they get their own close-up in the trailer. When the camera shows them as she is standing with Edward, we know the transformation is complete. The scene will speak to fans who having been craving this next step for Bella the first movie.

Bella on the Hunt
Several shots give us a preview of Vampire Bella in action, including her new lightning-fast speed and desire to hunt for blood. We see her running through the forest and, in the last shot of the trailer, eyeing a deer. This is a pivotal moment for Bella. since she now understands the bloodthirst that Edward has been fighting the entire span of their love affair.

Her Revelation About Being a Vampire
Bella's personal struggles seem to be over, and her line in the trailer proves that she's finally found her true identity. She says, "After 18 years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found that I can shine." The usually reserved Bella is now strong and full of confidence, prompted by her newfound immortality.

Jacob Meeting Up With Her
After years of pining away for Bella, Jacob, still as toned and beefy as ever, meets up with his former love, and he realizes that while she is now vampire, well, she is also still Bella. He tells her, "I didn't expect you to seem so you." This is a turning point for the werewolf, who has always struggled with Bella's decisions, especially when they could be fatal to her life as a mortal and or any chances he might have with her.

Edward's totally into it
As they stand, feeling each other out, Edward confesses, "You're so beautiful. We're the same temperature now." We assume in vampire speak, that's pretty sexy and romantic. While he may not always have been onboard with Bella's choices — like keeping their half-vampire super spawn despite nearly dying in childbirth — he now seems at ease with the new life they can lead together, forever. The long-awaited final film in the franchise opens in November. Check out everything we've got on "Breaking Dawn - Part 2."

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