Bridge Direct’s ‘The Hobbit’ Figure Scale News sent out new solicitations today and it confirms something I was told at Toy Fair last month- that Bridge Direct’s new figures for the upcoming “Hobbit” movie would be in 2 scales: 3.75″ scale and 6″ scale.   Many fans have been speculating at the possible scale for this line since many of the Bridge Direct staff are former Play Along employees who were involved in the 2″ “Armies of Middle Earth” line.  Since the announcement of the license fans have wondered if we would be getting any figures in the same 6″ scale that Toy Biz used for their long running “Lord of the Rings” line.

Bridge Direct told press that they were not bringing any product to Toy Fair to show for “The Hobbit” and that nothing would be revealed to the public until closer to San Diego Comic Con, but it was confirmed to me from someone who saw it, that they were in fact showing Hobbit product at Toy Fair behind closed doors and not to press.

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