Bruno Mars Is On The Cover Of Playboy And He Looks Pretty Comfortable There (PHOTO)

Bruno Mars is all, "I can get used to this" on the cover of Playboy.

I'm not famous or anything (yet), but I'm assuming when you are, there are a couple milestones you hit that let you know you've actually made it. Appearing on the cover of Playboy magazine with a playmate straddling one of your legs is probably one of those milestones. Huzzah to you, Bruno Mars! They like you, they really like you!

The "It Will Rain" singer looks (a little too?) comfortable on the cover of the April issue of Playboy -- he's only the tenth man to cover the iconic magazine -- and the playmate (Miss April, Raquel Pomplun) looks like she's actually probably super uncomfortable, but she's hiding it really well. Only because the body isn't made to withstand that position. (Isn't that called "the crab walk," and don't you do that in boot camp exercise classes? Ugh, models. They weigh less than 99 percent of the world!)

Inside the issue, Bruno kept things classy, talking mostly about his music, his influences, and who he'd most like to work with: "Jimi Hendrix. I think he’s the greatest guitar player in the world, and I would want to see him do his thing in person. He’s the reason I picked up a guitar in the first place." Something tells us Jimi would be pretty proud of your cover shoot, Bruno. Electric Ladyland, indeed.

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