Bruno Mars’ Sisters Are Called The Lylas, And You Should Watch Their ‘Come Back’ Video

Bruno Mars has four sisters, and they're all beautiful, and they're all in a girl group.

Y'all: Did you know that Bruno Mars has not three, but FOUR sisters, and when their powers combine, they're an all-girl band called The Lylas? On the off chance you didn't attend an all-girls sleepaway camp in Maine for eight years, we'll remind you that "LYLAS" stands for "Love You Like A Sister," and loving each other should be easy here since, well, THEY ARE ALL RELATED. And did we mention they're also completely gorgeous? Because it's not enough that the girls recently released their touching "Come Back" video AND signed a modeling contract with Robinson's Department Store (another story for another time). Because when is being pretty AND talented ever enough?

Watch The Lylas' "Come Back" video after the jump.

In "Come Back," Presley, Tiara, Jaime, and Tahiti (aka The Lylas) mainly hang out in the recording studio as they earnestly sing their SWV-meets-PCD-style R&B ballad in a group. Interlaced between shots of the girls looking -- you guessed it -- gorgeous, we see flashes of the ladies recording (and looking mighty chic in headphones, we might add) followed by a lot of sad "I was just broken up with" faces. Well, don't get us wrong -- we're definitely into the video and song, but sorry, we just AIN'T BUYING the "broken up with" part. Nobody is breaking up with those models. Just doesn't happen. Nice try though, girls!

+ Watch The Lylas' "Come Back" video.

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