BTW, Here’s A Shirtless Photo Of Joe Jonas At Coachella (PHOTO)

Joe Jonas goes shirtless at Coachella... We die.

I guess the one good thing about Coachella being a murderous 102 degrees is that celebs like Joe Jonas get so sweaty that they're forced to take off their shirts to cool down! YAY FOR US, because this means that normal, non-Coachella-going plebeians like us get to sit in our air-conditioned living rooms and gawk at their insanely ripped bodies. Guess life's not so dull after all.

Shirtless Joe Jonas was snapped this weekend at Coachella leaving David Guetta's set. In addition to sporting his stunning six pack (NOT. MAD. AT. IT.), Joe's also rocking his signature fedora (it's fairly signature, right?) and some Calvin Klein briefs peeking out from the top of his jean shorts (OMG OMG OMG OMG.) Joe's got some nice "I've been watching music in the desert" scruff happening in addition to perhaps his cutest accessory moment of the night: borderline-dorky yellow ear plugs! Because safety first. Also, honestly, we don't even care -- what is more precious than a famous pop star who is serious about the well-being of his inner ear? Additionally, Jessica Pott do you know how lucky you are? Just making sure.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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