Buzzworthy Live: Watch Austin Mahone’s Acoustic Performance Of ‘Say Somethin’ (VIDEO)

Austin Mahone plays an acoustic rendition of "Say Somethin."

MAHOMIES! We know you've had quite a year following Austin Mahone's rise to fame. Between his being signed to Chase/Universal Republic, eating Pop-Tarts with Carly Rae Jepsen and Boys Like Girls, chasing waterfalls, getting (shirtless) haircuts, releasing the new video for 'Say Somethin," and buying brand-new shiny cars, the 16-year-old singer can now cross "Buzzworthy Exclusive acoustic performance" off of his bucket list. Yeah, 'cause it's true: Austin recently stopped by MTV's offices (jealous?) to perform an acoustic rendition of his second single, 'Say Somethin," and quite frankly, we're still recovering (some of us in the fetal position).

Watch Austin Mahone perform an acoustic rendition of "Say Somethin'" after the jump.

Wearing a backward baseball cap, button-down shirt, and sparkling studs (we challenge you to find the 16-year-old that can rock those as well), Austin expertly takes the reins while strumming an acoustic guitar and belting out the words to "Say Somethin." Now we finally understood why "Baby Bieber" is setting the internet/world aflame -- the dude can really sing. Crooning without any production, backup dancers or singers, Austin holds up his end of the performance like a total pro -- and even pauses at the end to stop playing guitar and top off the track totally solo. Now you can watch Austin's bare-bones video for "Say Somethin," and just try to get the track out of your head afterward (ie. impossible).

+ Watch Austin Mahone perform an exclusive acoustic rendition of "Say Somethin."

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