Buzzworthy Obsession: SHEL’s ‘Freckles’ Video

Meet SHEL. Yes, they're sisters!

Ever wonder what would happen if you took the Dixie Chicks' tight harmonies and then added them to the country cuteness of Taylor Swift times four? Well, we've totally wondered that exact same thing and can now confirm that the answer is SHEL! Meet Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza Holbrook, otherwise known as the four musically inclined sisters of the band SHEL. All homeschooled, all four ladies are classically trained musicians who combined their years of preparation to form a pretty sick band. Oh, and did we mention that the name SHEL is an acronym for, you guessed it, the sister's first names. Now how cute is that?

Watch SHEL's "Freckles" video after the jump. 

Created, edited and directed by SHEL's Sarah Holbrook, the "Freckles" video is basically the tale of a little girl who waits to meet her Prince Charming. She pulls petals off of flowers in the "he loves me, he loves me not" style and waits for him to join her for a lovely tea party in the woods. Sadly, the boy never comes. However, in the end, the little girl is joined by her mother who makes it all better.  SHEL member Eva Holbrook explains: "Happy endings are rarely how we imagine them. Probably because we always know what we want, but seldom know what we really need." Well said, especially since it was just this week that I decided I wanted a boyfriend, but I realized I actually needed to go to the gym first.

+ Watch SHEL's "Freckles" video

Photo credit: SHEL's Facebook

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