‘Cabin In The Woods’ Is A ‘Shiny Toy,’ Joss Whedon Says

Writer/producer tells MTV News the horror thriller has an ' absurd integrity that appeals to us.'
By Kara Warner

Kristen Connolly in "The Cabin in the Woods"
Photo: Lionsgate

If you haven't yet heard the buzz surrounding the upcoming horror thriller "The Cabin in the Woods", than you must be avoiding Internet and television entirely. Everyone is talking about it, in a roundabout, non-spoilery way!

In a nutshell, the film mostly revolves around four friends who drive to a distant relative's cabin in order to spend a relaxing weekend away from their college campus. Unfortunately the group's goals are not at all met and a series of shocking and unbelievable things happen — to everyone.

When MTV News caught up with writer/producer Joss Whedon and director Drew Goddard, we asked them how in the heck they came up with the story and if any specific element or occurrence inspired the chaos that unfolds.

"It's actually kind of a dull tale because it did just pop into my head and then, of course, Drew was one of the first people I told about it," Whedon said. "We knew instantly that this was something that we wanted to do. We took a while before we actually sat down to write it. It was like a shiny toy that we played for a long time, the structure just seemed so right. It's very seldom that a movie occurs to you with the whole structure in place."

"Do you remember the moment when it popped into your head?" Goddard asked Whedon.

"I honestly don't remember a time I wasn't thinking about it. It's one of those things that seems so logical it feels like, 'Why hasn't this been done before?' It has this absurd integrity that appeals to us."

"The Cabin in the Woods" opens everywhere Friday, April 13.

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