‘Cabin In The Woods’ Stars Talk Death Scenes

Spoiler alert: Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins speak to MTV News about filming horror flick.
By Azia Celestino, with reporting by Kara Warner

Fran Kranz, Chris Hemsworth and Anna Hutchison in "Cabin in the Woods"
Photo: Lionsgate

A group of teenagers visiting a remote cabin for a weekend getaway might seem like a predictable setup for a horror movie, but "The Cabin in the Woods" is not your average slasher flick.

Those brave enough to take the trip to the "Woods" over the weekend found that the film's genre takes you off the grid, incorporating elements of not only the horror and thriller genres, but of sci-fi and even comedy as well. If you haven't experienced it yet, go see the movie now! Otherwise we advise that you stop reading this article until you do, because the rest of this story contains major SPOILERS about character deaths.

We're talking mostly about the film's action-packed third act, which features not only the Big Brother element promised in previews, but a bombardment of nightmarish surprises, huge plot twists and plenty of carnage. And with deluges of blood comparable to scenes from "The Shining" come epic death sequences.

Last warning to turn away as Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins take MTV News into SPOILER TERRITORY with regard to two very special interactions their characters have with two others.

"It was so sweet, I remember, when it was coming towards me," Whitford recalled wistfully of filming his scene with the surprisingly grotesque and bloodthirsty merman with whom his character has a Captain Nemo-esque obsession.

"We'd have to stop, and they'd have to spray water on him because he got dried out ... so they had to keep him moist," the actor continued of shooting with the merman, who ends up devouring Whitford's character in a hilariously ironic twist.

"I was looking away at that time," Jenkins chimed in, joking that Whitford really did fall in love with the merman on set and adding that his co-star kept asking for more and more takes with the creature. With regard to Jenkins' character's death, the actor said he enjoyed every minute of it.

"It was really cool, I loved it," Jenkins said about his onscreen stabbing.

"Just meeting the rest of the cast [was cool]!" Whitford added.

"It's the only time I got to see [Kristen Connolly, who plays leading lady Dana], except on the screen, when I confronted her face-to-face," Jenkins revealed.

Up until that scene, Whitford and Jenkins' characters had remained in the control room. This meant that during the movie's production, they had little interaction with the victims of the cabin, who shot primarily in Canada.

"We did it four or five different ways, and I love the take [director Drew Goddard] used — I thought that was really cool," Jenkins said. "But the surprise on her face was the best part of it."

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