Capcom focusing on story modes in fighting games

Capcom senior vice-president says the publisher has been pushing for "better single player content" in its fighting game franchises.


Street Fighter series publisher Capcom has revealed its intentions to push for better single player content in its fighting games.

In a post on the Capcom Unity forums, senior vice-president Christian Svensson, under the alias "Sven", said:

’The strategic marketing group here has for quite a while been pushing for our fighting franchises to have more and better single player content, of which full-fledged story modes are one component.’

Svensson declined to elaborate on when or how such developments would occur, but confirmed that the move is in Capcom’s ’future roadmap’.

Street Fighter IV was released in 2009 by Capcom, and was the publisher's first numbered Street Fighter game since 2000's Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. It was followed by 2010’s Super Street Fighter IV, which introduced 10 additional characters as well as tweaks to gameplay and new game modes. The latest update, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, brought four new characters to the roster and several technical tweaks. The latest game was positively received in GameSpot’s review.

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