Lindberg is Best-known as Fan-favorite “Ash” from the CW’s Supernatural and “Jesse” from The Fast and the Furious

Los Angeles, CA (April 5, 2012) Chad Lindberg joins Zak, Nick & Aaron in an episode of Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” entitled “Return to Linda Vista Hospital.” The episode will begin airing Friday, April 6, 2012. Check local listings for additional air dates.  Lindberg is no stranger to supernatural occurrences on-screen and off, and has been a fan of “Ghost Adventures” since it began.   Lindberg played the popular character “Ash” on the long-running hit CW show “Supernatural.”


Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" cast (LtoR) Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Arron Goodwin with guest Chad Lindberg. Photo by: Zak Bagans

Lindberg had the time of his life with the “Ghost Adventures” gang and excitedly said, “I had my name called out of a spirit box when Zak asked it who was standing next to him. We had a spirit say “Linda Vista” hospital through the spirit box after Aaron asked what happens after you die.  I also got scratched by a dark entity believed to be a Demon. Demon Hunter Ash on ‘Supernatural’ gets scratched by a Demon on ‘Ghost Adventures’….you can’t ask for anything more!”

According to Travel Channel’s website,  “Linda Vista Hospital in East LA, which was in operation from 1904 to 1991, was a place where many died from things such as gun-shot wounds, stabbings, and car wrecks.”  The network episode description says, “Zak, Nick & Aaron revisit the horrifying Linda Vista Hospital to contact a spirit of a woman that Nick saw reach out to him in 2009. The guys experiment by building an electrified ghost chamber hoping to manifest the apparition.”



Lindberg, who has over 25 film and 20 TV credits to his name, is best known to audiences from his roles of “Ash” on The CW’s Supernatural and “Jesse” from the hit film The Fast and the Furious.  In addition to recurring roles on Supernatural and CSI: NY, Lindberg has guest-starred on numerous hit TV shows, creating a devoted fan-following whose Twitter campaign helped resurrect the haracter of “Ash” who had been killed off.  He keeps in touch with his fans and friends through Twitter @ChadLindberg.




Since moving to Hollywood fifteen years ago Chad Lindberg has been an in-demand actor who continually works in both film and television.  His return to the CW’s “SUPERNATURAL” garnered the show its highest ratings of the season leaving the show’s fans wanting more.  In 2010, Lindberg had three films released: the family crime drama Once Fallen, My Big Break, real life Hollywood Documentary and a remake of the 1970’s Horror Classic I Spit on Your Grave.

A Washington native, Lindberg grew up in Mt. Vernon.  A self-described natural ham, he made movies and videos since elementary school and while in Jr. High he auditioned for the local Seattle “Kid Biz” Talent Agency and was immediately signed. Lindberg booked his first audition and landed a two-line part as the “Burger Boss” in Warner Bros. Born to Be Wild.    This and other roles in high-school productions confirmed he had been bitten by the acting bug.

After high-school, Lindberg continued working on his craft and at the age of 19 landed the first of many big breaks when he was cast as a lead in the indie film Black Circle Boys which filmed in Seattle.   Soon after, Lindberg headed to Hollywood to seriously pursue acting as a career.

After only two months in LA he booked his first TV acting gig as a guest star on “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER” and has not stopped since, moving seamlessly back and forth between TV and Film.  Other guest star spots on hit shows soon followed, including: “ER” and “THE X-FILES,” “NYPD BLUE,” “COLD CASE,” “THE TERMINATOR” and “SON’S OF ANARCHY.”   Studio and indie film roles include: City of Angels, Mercury Rising, October Sky, The Rookie, The Flats, Punk Love and Push, co-staring with Chazz Palminteri.

Another big break in film came for Lindberg when he was cast in the hit action film The Fast and the Furious in 2001.  Back on the small screen, Lindberg has had recurring roles on the hit show “CSI-NEW YORK” and the hugely popular CW series “SUPERNATURAL,” where he plays “Ash”, the charming, lovable mullet-wearing, beer-drinking computer tech.    Lindberg frequently attends “SUPERNATURAL” conventions around the world also keeps in touch with his fans on Facebook and Twitter.  His comedy videos can be seen on , including “Sven” The Uncool Vampire Blogger.

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