Countdown to Castle Grayskull LAST DAY!! A Word… from Skeltor and Tri-Clops!

This is it – Day 0 We are in the final hours of the Castle Grayskull pre-order.  The meter has been updated with the sales from the weekend and we are still not quite there.   There’s no conspiracy from Mattel, no “it’s already sculpted”,  no “It’s going to go through anyway” and no “I’ll bet they reached their goal last week.”   This is IT.  If they don’t make the minimum pre-order this product will not move forward, just like we saw with the Young Justice 2-pack.   It didn’t meet it’s goal and we are not getting it.

So if you are on the fence – now is the time.   If you still need further convincing then perhaps a few familiar faces will help:

Skeletor (Brian Dobson) promotes Mattel’s pre-order for the new Castle Grayskull set for release in 2013. Costume by Johnny’s Perfect Costumes. Pre-order your own Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull here:



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