Crysis dev backtracks on blocking used games comment

Crytek director of creative development suggests he wasn't serious when saying that consoles prohibiting secondhand games would be awesome.


A Crytek developer courted fan outrage last week by saying that next-gen consoles that wouldn't play used games would be "absolutely awesome" from a business perspective. He has since changed his tune, as CVG today reports that the Crysis developer's director of creative development Rasmus Hojengaard is backtracking from those remarks.

"My comment made in the interview released on the 24th of April, touching upon 'blocking sales of used games,' was not intended to be taken seriously nor representative of the opinion of Crytek," Hojengaard told the site.

Rumors have been swirling concerning Microsoft and Sony implementing anti-used-game measures in their respective future-generation consoles. Specifics are not available, and news of next-generation consoles from the two companies is not expected this year.

The used-game market has been a contentious issue, with several noted developers making clear their stance against secondhand sales. Those who spoke out against used sales recently include ex-THQ executive Richard Browne, Elite creator David Braben, Volition design director Jameson Durall, and Silicon Knights founder Denis Dyack.

Not all voices are against used games. Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch said in February that blocking used games is unfair. Also during that month, Witcher developer CD Projekt Red's managing director, Adam Badowski, took a populist gamer stance, saying systems that block used games "can be a bad thing."

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