Custom DCUC “Chief” Niles Caulder

The other day I got a review sample of the Club Infinite Earths DC Signature Collection Starman figure.  As I was taking pictures I realized that while I appreciated the extra, unmasked head he came with I was never going to display him with that head.   So what other uses are there for a spare 6″ scale bearded head?

I grabbed my Ghostbusters Walter Peck figure, boiled and popped his head, popped on the new Starman head.  Then I just needed a wheelchair.   The first one I thought of in that scale was the Toy Biz “Xmen” movie Professor X.   I knew I had one, but it was in storage somewhere.   That weekend I had Cantina Dan in town staying with me so we hit up Frank and Sons and I found a loose one for $4.

Put them all together… and I’ve got a nice little custom Niles Caulder to lead my DCUC Doom Patrol.


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