Dang! Drake Looks REAL GOOD On The Cover Of GQ’s Style Bible (PHOTO)

Look, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: Drake is lookin' real good on the cover of GQ's first-ever Style Bible. Like, real good. Heavenly, one might say. Deific. Divine. And to disagree with me would be sinful -- borderline blasphemous. (Get it? Because it's the Style Bible -- oh, never mind.)

Sporting a trim 'n' dapper suit and a cheeky grin, pretty much everything about Drizzy's style and swag are on point. So much so that it's got me feeling kind of insecure, and like maybe I need to go buy myself a bazillion-dollar suit to give my style game a boost. (Translation: Let me go swim in the menswear clearance bin at Ross for a minute.) The "Marvin's Room" crooner is rocking a silver tie with a tie bar (totes necessary, right?) and a sharp white pocket square with crisp dark trim, a blingin' watch and some fresh dress shoes. But, as with all good suits, it's all about the cut, and the way those slacks fit his body... Drake, if you're ever feeling lonesome and want to "Take Care" of me, we can, like, eat snacks and talk about feelings or whatever.

Drake's in fine company in the GQ Style Bible, too, since he's sharing the spotlight with "Mad Men" silver fox John Slattery and adorable thespian Dave Franco. Which is pretty much my dream cast of friends to take on a fun shopping trip to the mall for some new threads. So, anytime you guys wanna go shopping for some bespoke suits, just hit me up, OK? I'll be waiting by the phone.

Photo credit: GQ magazine

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