DARK KNIGHT DAY Part 2 Movie Masters Catwoman

It’s Dark Knight day as ‘The Dark Knight Rises” opens tonight at midnight.  So lets look at some TDKR product!   Namely Mattel’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Masters line.

Next up we look at Catwoman played by Anne Hathaway.  This is another “surprise” from Mattel in that there are 2 different versions shipping.  One has her goggles up on top of her head, which look like cat ears.  The other version has the goggles down over her eyes.  The goggles on both versions are glued in place and don’t move.  Since I have not yet seen the movie I don’t know if this version of Catwoman has a signature weapon, like her whip, but there are no accessories included with the action figure.


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