Deadpool-Presidential Primaries: Ford & Nixon

Deadpool-Presidential Primaries: Ford & Nixon

Deadpool #3 preview art by Tony Moore

By Alex Zalben

If Wade Wilson can make it through both FDR and Teddy Roosevelt in the first two issues of DEADPOOL, he faces the unstoppable team of evil undead Presidents Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon in issue #3.

To find out ‘pool’s chances, we chatted with amateur fight announcers—and the writing and art team behind the book—Brian “No Poser” Posehn, Gerry “Pugilist” Duggan and Tony “Bore A Hole In Your Head” Moore:


Gerry Duggan: “Total a**hole Dick.”

Brian Posehn: “Tricky Dick and Trippy Jerry.”

Gerry Duggan: “Jerry would be the stumblebum of Omaha, Nebraska.”

Tony Moore: “Fumblin’ Ford and... Nixon... acch...that guy.”


Brian Posehn: “Ford’s the only president that was never elected. Not even as vice president. He pardoned Nixon, so his catchphrase could be ‘Pardon my fist!’”

Deadpool #3 preview art by Tony Moore

Tony Moore: “Right in the Private Sector!”


Gerry Duggan: “They’re joined together in this issue but they have very different pursuits. They’re not a great team which I think is very fitting. Jerry Ford was a football player. He was a tough and powerful guy probably capable of doing a lot of damage.”

Brian Posehn: “But Nixon was sneaky and fearless, which is scary in an opponent”


Gerry Duggan: “Look for Nixon to potentially be his own worst enemy.”

Brian Posehn: “Ford was clumsy, right? Notoriously not light on his feet.  Falling all the time. Throw down a banana peel and watch him go.”

What baggage do Ford and Nixon bring to this fight? What’s their history, and what should we be looking for?

Brian Posehn: “Nixon won’t be a fair fighter.”

Deadpool #3 preview art by Tony Moore

Gerry Duggan: “Jerry Ford could trip and punch himself out. No pun intended.”

Brian Posehn: “Nixon is tanned, rested, and ready. And he’ll fight dirty. Look for stuff in his glove. He’ll use a blade to win.”

What’s Deadpool got to do to win? What's his ideal strategy here, and what's going to hold him back?

Brian Posehn: “Find anything to trip up Ford. Load up on banana peels.”

Gerry Duggan: “There’s not going to be a problem with Nixon. Maybe something about his middle name being Milhous. Deadpool would never let himself be beat by someone with the middle name of Milhous.”

Odds of Winning

Gerry Duggan: “I think Vegas is going to continue to go against Deadpool.  Especially here, its two dead presidents against one smart-assed merc.”

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