Deadpool – Presidential Primaries: Reagan

Deadpool - Presidential Primaries: Reagan

By Alex Zalben

The biggest fight of Deadpool’s career has almost arrived, but first, in DEADPOOL #5, he’s going to face his toughest challenge yet: undead President Ronald Reagan.

Can the Merc With the Mouth really take down The Great Communicator? On hand to handicap this bout: amateur fight announcers—and the writing, art and editorial team behind the book—Brian “Punchin’” Posehn, Gerry “Destroyin’” Duggan, Tony “Mashin’” Moore, and special guest Editor Jordan “D.” White:

Deadpool #2 preview art by Tony Moore


Tony Moore: “The...Ripper? Trying to riff off the Gipper. I don’t know if it’s working.”


Brian Posehn: “He’s gonna make a monkey out of Deadpool. Wasn’t he famous for doing that monkey movie? That’s an old reference.”

Jordan D. White: “Pretty much everything we’re talking about is an old reference.”

Tony Moore: “Beatdown from Bonzo!”


Brian Posehn: “He’s still loved. So he’s got the crowd on his side, that is if the fight happens in front of Republicans.”


Gerry Duggan: “He doesn’t like taking head shots. He’s a former actor so he’ll have his guard up.”

Deadpool #2 preview art by Tony Moore

Brian Posehn: “Watch the face.”

Gerry Duggan: “The great communicator doesn’t want to get socked in the face. He’d have his hands up and maybe expose his body.”

What’s Deadpool got to do to win? What's his ideal strategy here, and what's going to hold him back?

Gerry Duggan: “He has a weakness for jelly beans. Deadpool could throw those around the ring and when he picks them up he can low-blow him.”

Gerry Duggan: “Is there a joke about Nancy? ‘Nancy wants me to win this fight!’ Tell Reagan that his horoscope said that he was supposed to lose today. The key here is to make John Hinckley think that he has a chance with Jodie Foster again.”

Brian Posehn: “The upside is that if Deadpool wins, he gets a date with Jodie Foster. Hinckley would be furious.”

Odds of Winning

Gerry Duggan: “Reagan still has the hearts of voters, so let’s assume the bettors go the same way.”

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