Demi Lovato Gets ‘Punk’d’ By Nick Cannon, All Time Low & A Ghost! (VIDEO)

Demi Lovato sees dead people on a hauting episode of 'Punk'd.'

Sorry, Demi Lovato but you got your ass MAJORLY Punk'd and kiiind of not even by a real live person! Nick Cannon was the host of this week's "Punk'd," and though the episode didn't include fake boat firesarrests for kidnapping or exploding food trucks, all it took to take down the "Give Your Heart A Break" singer was the thought of a blond ghost-chick in a old-school white dress.

Watch Nick Cannon 'Punk' Demi Lovato after the jump. 

Here's what went down on Demi's turn to get "Punk'd": Demi and All Time Low were in the studio recording some new music. Just as Demi was about to go back into the vocal booth, a weird blue light started to shine over by the piano. The light fades, but Demi is already feeling weirded out. (Understandable.) About a minute later, the light returns, but this time it's clear it's in the shape of a woman, sitting at the piano looking all "something horrible went down in this studio 100 years ago so I'm haunting this jonx until you help me seek bloody revenge." Demi panics, almost starts to cry and decides it's time for her to get the hell up outta dodge before this ghost goes medieval /kills her/prevents her summer tour. Just as Demi is about to run/crap/faint, Nick Cannon bursts through the doors to, well, give up the ghost, and All Time Low is like All Time LOL. The result? Demi looked... well, like she'd seen a ghost. Supernatural mission accomplished.

+ Watch a clip of Demi Lovato get "Punk'd," watch an exclusive scene of Demi's "Punk'd" reaction and watch "Punk'd" Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. 

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