Demi Lovato Is A ‘Warrior,’ And She’s Got A Tattoo To Prove It! (PHOTO)

Check out Demi Lovato's new "Warrior" tattoo!

Meet Demi Lovato's new "Warrior" tattoo!

What did Demi Lovato do to celebrate the release of her new album, Demi? Well, she probably did any number of things (in addition to drawing dirty pictures on "Live From MTV"), but the most visible thing she did was to get a brand-new tattoo! And let's be real -- Demi Lovato is certainly no stranger to the ink party! She's already got the word "faith" on her arma heart inspired by her fans, and a mini-sleeve of flying birds. And now, to top everything off, Demi's added the phrase "Now I'm A Warrior" to the back of her left shoulder! (Side note: We are LOVING that font!)

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Naturally, the "Heart Attack" singer took to Twitter to debut her new ink, captioning, "Thanks @BangBang! Album release day!!! #DEMI." If you're wondering who BangBang is, we'll remind you that he's a tattoo artist to the stars (he's responsible for this Rihanna tat, and this one!), and now he can add Demi to his list of A-list clients!

Wondering what "Warrior" means? Fortunately, Demi gave us the 411 on last night's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon": "Well, I have a song on my album called "Warrior," and it's a very, very meaningful song to me... but it's an inspirational song as well." And there you have it! Honestly, think what you want about getting something permanently inked on your body -- at least Demi's making careful and meaningful tat choices, and not, say, a drunken 4 a.m. choice of Tweety Bird.

+ Watch Demi Lovato drawing dirty pics on "Live From MTV."

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