Demi Lovato Releases Another ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ Video Teaser, We Flip Out!

Demi Lovato releases another cryptic teaser for her "Give Your Heart A Break" video.

At this point, Demi Lovato has us losing sleep waiting for her "Give Your Heart A Break" video. It's starting to break us down just a leeeeeettle bit. First, we shared everything we know about her super-duper short "Give Your Heart A Break" preview, where we caught the GORG singer playing peek-a-boo with billowing curtains and one very handsome dude. And now another preview clip surfaced, revealing only a cryptic moment from the video. UGHHH, STOP TOYING WITH OUR BRAINS, DEMI!

Watch Demi Lovato's second "Give Your Heart A Break" video preview after the jump.

The 20-second video sneak shows Demi and the guy from behind the curtains (still QUITE attractive, FYI), enjoying a sweet embrace on the beach as the wind gently tousles their hair. The couple also shares moments of intense eye contact while the sun's warm glow surrounds them. It's pretty much the most romantic music video beach scene since Britney Spears' "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know."

In a recent MTV interview, Demi explained that the video's about trying to win back the guy she loves (which we know is COMPLETELY fictional because no one in their right mind would walk away from Demi!), and judging by this newest teaser, we're thinking (hoping?!) the video has a happy ending. We're dying that we have to wait for the official premiere on April 2 to confirm! DEMI, STOP MESSING WITH OUR FRAGILE EMOTIONS!

+ Watch a second preview of Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart A Break" video.

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