Destiny 2 Cross-Play Beta Coming May 25

Bungie has announced the first (official) cross-play beta is coming to Destiny 2 on Wednesday, May 25. The event will last through Friday, May 27, and will be available for all Destiny 2 players to partake in. According to the official Bungie blog post, the limited time beta will feature a "unique Vanguard Strikes Cross Play Beta playlist," where players will be matched with PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Stadia users alike as they fend off the incoming Darkness.

This announcement comes just over a week since Bungie mistakenly launched cross play alongside the Season of the Splicer update, and subsequently had to patch in its removal. Bungie acknowledged the accident in its latest post, stating "even though this was caused by a bug, we saw players mingling between platforms, which was awesome! That said, we needed to smash that bug like a subscribe button to get our release back on track." Assuming everything is "back on track," the studio confirmed they intend to keep their original Season 15 launch date, which is set to arrive August 24.

However, while the beta is open for all, it's important to note not all of the game's features will be open to those testing it out. To help ensure the beta process goes smoothly, only the unique Vanguard Strikes Cross Play Beta playlist will be available in cross-play mode. In addition, players will be unable to form a fireteam or send invites to friends. The silver lining? Bungie stated that as a "token of our appreciation for your time," all players who complete three Vanguard Strikes from the unique playlist during the beta will be rewarded an exclusive “Stars Crossed” emblem.

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