Destiny 2 Iron-Handed Diplomacy Guide: How To Complete The Iron Banner Quest Fast

The first Iron Banner of the Season of the Splicer has arrived in Destiny 2, bringing a new multi-step quest for unlocking Iron Banner armor and weapons. Iron-Handed Diplomacy carries six steps, each one focusing on a different weapon, so you'll need to show some versatility to complete the quest. You have all season (and multiple Iron Banner events) to finish Iron-Handed Diplomacy, but if you're hoping to get it done ASAP, we're here to help.

Iron Banner in the Season of the Splicer brings back some rewards from Destiny 2's past, including Finite Impactor and Occluded Finality, two Iron Banner guns we haven't seen in quite some time. You'll also claim two new, Eliksni-themed guns, the Riiswalker auto rifle and Archon's Thunder machine gun. As of this writing, however, you can only earn those two rewards from Iron Banner bounties--so make sure you save your Iron Banner tokens for the time being, if you're hoping for new rolls on those two guns.

One thing to know about Iron Banner quests is that while they contain a lot of steps and requirements, the good news is that many elements of each step will carry forward to future ones. So even though one step might require you to capture 10 Control zones and the next will ask for 20, the first 10 will count toward the next step. That helps keep things pretty manageable, but regardless, expect to do some grinding to get all your Iron Banner gear.

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