Destiny 2 Season Of The Splicer Launches Today, Here’s What’s New

Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer kicked off today, adding a whole bunch of new content for players to experience. As with previous seasons, there's a event, new gear, and a new storyline to follow as the season progresses. The initial launch today was a bit rocky, but Bungie appears to have fixed the issues that were plaguing the game earlier in the day.

Bungie's approach to seasons is to roll out self-contained stories to progress the Destiny universe, and this one is no different. The previous season, called Season of the Chosen, focused on a confrontation between the remnants of the Cabal and Guardians. This time, in Season of the Splicer, you're tasked with taking the fight back to the Vex. The Vex have approached the Last City and have cast the Earth into a simulation that has a never-ending night; Guardians team up with Mithrax, a Fallen Kell, who teaches new abilities to better resist the incursion.

The seasonal activity is called Override, which is a six-player cooperative mode that focuses on hacking a Vex simulation. As shown in the video embed above, the Override mode shows off the brand-new aesthetic for this season, which heavily emphasizes neon, cel-shaded objects, and cyberpunk-esque style. Although Destiny certainly has featured bright, techno-futuristic environments in the past, this is still quite a striking aesthetic to see in otherwise familiar in-game locales. In addition, there's a weekly pinnacle mission called Expunge that'll have players trying to collapse the Vex Network from the inside.

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