Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter concludes with $3.3 million

Crowd-funding campaign tops eight times the amount originally sought; Wasteland 2 Kickstarter fund commences as Fez creator considers service for next game.

Double Fine is sitting pretty this morning. The Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for Double Fine Adventure concluded yesterday, amassing a total of $3,336,371.

When Double Fine launched the endeavor last month for a classically designed point-and-click adventure game, it aimed for $400,000. The company reached that tally in just eight hours, setting a Kickstarter record along the way.

In total, over 87,000 users backed the Double Fine Adventure. The development of the new game will be documented at every turn by 2 Player Productions, which created the Kickstarter-funded documentary Minecraft: The Story of Mojang.

An update posted to the Double Fine website reads, "Holy cow people, I can't even believe it. I don't know what to say. Except thank you!! People are mailing in congratulations to us, but I really have to say congratulations to all the backers because you really sent a message around the industry! And you really made your voices heard loud and clear!"

Double Fine Adventure is set to be an old-school point-and-click PC adventure game, much like the kind Double Fine founder Tim Schafer and designer Ron Gilbert made in their days at LucasArts. It will feature voice acting and will be released on the PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and "certain" Android devices.

It appears the fire Double Fine lit with its Kickstarter project has spread to other developers. Yesterday, inXile Entertainment launched a Kickstarter campaign for a sequel to 1988's PC-exclusive role-playing game Wasteland with a goal of $900,000. As of press time, the fund is more than halfway there, presently sitting at over $585,000 from more than 10,000 backers.

Lastly, Fez creator Phil Fish is also talking about utilizing Kickstarter for his next game. Speaking to Joystiq, Fish said if he decides to seek crowd funding for his next project, he won't do so until after the launch of Fez. That game is finished and expected to launch in the coming months.

"We wouldn't need much, and we wouldn't ask for much, but I assume we'll get more than we ask for, having just won the grand prize and Fez about to come out," Fish said.

[CORRECTION]: This story originally stated that Wasteland was a 1998 release. GameSpot regrets the error.

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