Dragon Age II: Exalted March expansion canceled

BioWare says it has moved entire team's focus to the future of the franchise, hints at reexamining studio's previous games for inspiration going forward.


BioWare has stopped work on a Dragon Age II expansion in favor of the next step in the franchise's future.

In a post on Twitter, series executive producer Mark Darrah said that an expansion to Dragon Age II known as Exalted March was canceled in favor of "other Dragon Age opportunities."

The developer also released a full statement on the studio's official forums, saying the entire team is now focused on the next project in the franchise. While Darrah didn't give specifics, he did tease where the team was taking its inspiration from, saying, "This past year, we've spent a lot of time both going back to the 'BioWare vault' of games and re-examining them, and looking at some new possibilities that today's industry allows." He also emphasized that the studio wants to hear from its fans as to where they would like to see the franchise go next.

Though Darrah and BioWare didn't specify Dragon Age III in its forum post, the company was openly hiring for that game last year.

Dragon Age II launched in March of 2011 to mostly positive reviews, although critics were split on a number of the game's changes. For example, instead of crafting a new character from scratch, Dragon Age II players were given a set protagonist named Hawke and allowed to pick only a gender and a class.

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