E3 2021 Registration Starts For Fans On June 3

E3 is drawing closer, and the ESA has revealed registration dates for press, content creators and industry professionals, and fans. Press can begin registering for E3 credentials now through the official E3 site., and fans registration will begin on June 3.

Starting next Monday, May 31, registration will expand to industry professionals and content creators. Fan registration starts the following Thursday. Registrants will gain access to an E3 2021 web portal and app that will include hosted events, video conferencing, virtual "booths," avatar creation, and online forums.

Those with press credentials will be able to access the portal starting on June 7, followed by fans, industry professionals, and content creators on June 12. The event is set to take place June 12-15. You can also watch many of the individual announcement streams through E3's Twitch or YouTube channels, or right here on GameSpot.

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