Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Doesn’t Seem Likely According to Emily Blunt

Edge of Tomorrow threw Tom Cruise into an action-packed time loop with Emily Blunt's formidable soldier Rita, and it resonated with fans. Rumors of a sequel have swirled for years since the 2014 film, but it may not be in the cards, Blunt said in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

A sequel was in full-on production in 2019 according to EW, but Blunt said that she doesn't know if a sequel could happen in light of current world conditions. It was far enough along, though, that she even read a script for it.

"That was an amazing script," Blunt said. "But I just don't know what the future holds for it, I did read a script that was in really great shape, but it's just a matter of if that can even happen now. I don't have a straight answer on that one."

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